The Company

Ewaysindia Inc. is a leading telecommunication and IT Electronics Compliance Services Providing Company.

We provide all kind of telecom compliance services to all companies as per the regulatory requirements for wire/wireless interfaces and equipments

Our both technical and regulatory knowledge along with deep business experience, help our clients to strategically manage the regulatory compliance and gain competitive edge over others.

We bring the experts and veterans from the industry, helping you to get your products compliance ready in minimum period of time. We have earned a reputation for helping our clients, improved consumer trust in their brands and gain competitive advantage.

Our Mission is to provide our consumers with products and technology offerings that always stand out. We understand you and will direct you towards your business goal and meet your objectives. Eways India provides support on overall risk management as it helps you adapt to changing market conditions.

Eways India providing the services has several responsibilities under this kind of contract:

  • Work carefully
  • Act in the client’s best interests
  • Make sure the work is performed on time and in keeping with the contract
  • Follow the rules, standards and guidelines in our field, commonly called the “rules of art” or “good practices”.
  • Identify and define the services provided as well as the supported products, measurement criteria, reporting criteria and quality standards for the service.

Why Ewaysindia Services

Strong Foundation

We have very experienced team to deliver efficient services

Trust and support of clients spread around the globe

We are active in DIETY so that we can clarify your technical issues in TAC meeting

Customer Delight - A Priority

Premium customer services with proficiency

High level of integrity & information confidentiality

Latest updated compliance standards from DIETY & BIS shared with our clients

Dedicated Compliance Manager for every project

Ewaysindia - A Solution Partner

Professional & Quality Centric customer approach

Our Company offers to be a local representative for a particular Factory

Daily update for your project

We follow state of the art documentation, safety and quality across the processes

Cost Optimization

International services at Indian prices

Complimentary BIS projevcvt services for one year

Cost-effective and sustainable solutions

Reliable Documentation