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Electronics and IT Goods (Requirement of Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012 became effective from 3rd July, 2013. The Indian Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEIT) specifies that certain products are now required to comply with Indian safety standards and obtain BIS Registration before they can be imported, distributed or sold into India.

The testing for these products has to be carried out by BIS Recognized Testing Laboratory only.
Requirements for Compulsory Registration Order, 2012, requires a mandatory registration of identified 15 categories of electronic products so that these products meet specified safety standards.

Some of the products required to have BIS Certification includes:

● Video Games
● Laptop/Notebook/Tablet
● Mobile Phones
● D.C. Supplied Electronic Control gear for LED Modules
● Self-Ballasted LED Lamps for General Lighting Services
● Fixed General Purpose LED Luminaries
● Plasma/LCD/LED Televisions
● Microwave Ovens
● Printers and Scanners
● Telephone Answering Machines
● Electronic Musical Systems etc.
● Automatic Data Processing
● Cash Registers
● Point of Sale Terminals
● Copying Machines / Duplicators
● Smart Card Readers
● Power Adaptors
● UPS and Inverters of rating of more than 5kVA

How may we help you:

We provide consultancy and help the corporates and Importers to get BIS Registrations for all the products that are required to have BIS certifications. We have highly qualified and specialized team having requisite knowledge and experience.
We are one stop service that assist companies to get certified with BIS in a few easy steps. We make it our mission that the whole process of BIS certification is completed in a manner that ensures your project is on schedule from beginning to completion.

Our Process:

◇ We help by providing all the assistance for necessary documentation
◇ Help you choose the BIS-approved test laboratory that is best-suited for you.
◇ Assist in getting the test scheduling, coordination and test report delivery from the Lab
◇ Handle any technical queries that may come up.
◇ Submission of report from test lab to BIS.
◇ Getting the final approval Certificate delivered to you.

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