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According to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency website, “The Objectives of BEE Standards & Labeling Program is to provide the consumer an informed choice about the energy saving and thereby the cost saving potential of the marketed household and other equipment.

The scheme was launched by the Ministry in May,2006 with a vision for energy savings in the medium and long run while at the same time making domestic industry more competitive in other developed markets.
BEE rating certificate is provided for a duration of one year and renewed on annual basis. Today without this certificate company cannot do business with any government departments.

Some of the products required to have BEE Certification includes:

● Room Air Conditioner
● Ceiling Fan
● Colour Television
● Computer
● Direct Cool Refrigerator
● Distribution Transformer
● Domestic Gas Stove
● Frost Free Refrigerator
● General Purpose Industrial Motor
● Stationary Type Water Heater
● Submersible Pump Set
● Washing Machine
● Solid State Inverter
● Office Automation Products
● Diesel Engine Driven Monoset pumps For Agricultural Purposes
● Diesel Generator Set
● Led Lamps
● Agricultural Pumpset
● Microwave Oven

How may we help you

Bureau of Energy Efficiency ( BEE ) grants STAR RATING of appliances depending upon their energy efficient design and performance. The performance is better of a product with greater number of STARS. It is an added USP for sales and marketing.
We provide consultancy and help the corporates and Importers to get BEE Registrations for all the products that are required to have BEE certifications. We have highly qualified and specialized team having requisite knowledge and experience.
We are one stop service that assist companies to get certified with BEE in a few easy steps. We make it our mission that the whole process of BEE certification is completed in a manner that ensures your project is on schedule from beginning to completion.

Our Process:

◇ We help by providing all the assistance for necessary documentation
◇ Help you choose the BEE-approved test laboratory that is best-suited for you.
◇ Assist in getting the test scheduling, coordination and test report delivery from the Lab
◇ Handle any technical queries that may come up.
◇ Submission of report from test lab to BEE.
◇ Getting the final approval Certificate delivered to you.

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