A Trademark is a recognizable sign or design which identifies product or services of a particular source from other. Owners of trademarks have exclusive rights to use trademark under the categories they are registered in and if there is any infringement then the owner can take legal action on the other party. There are total 45 categories of trademarks.

Advantages of trademark registration is that it gives legal protection against any misuse and creates a unique identity of your company.

Some of the products and services covered under Trademark Certification includes:

● Chemical Products
● Paint Products
● Cosmetics and Cleaning Products
● Pharmaceutical Products
● Metal Products
● Machinery Products
● Computer and Software Products and Electrical and Scientific Products
● Medical Instrument Products
● Environmental Control Instrument Products (lighting, heating, cooling, cooking)
● Jewelry Products
● Fabrics and Textile Products
● Clothing and Apparel Products
● Toys and Sporting Goods Products
● Wines and Spirits (not including beers)
● Advertising, Business and Retail Services
● Insurance and Financial Services
● Communication Services
● Education and Entertainment Services
● Computer and Software Services and Scientific Services
● Personal, Legal and Social Services

How may we help you

We are an expert in Intellectual property rights, So we understand how to protect interests. Our experts ensure that you enjoy complete protection of your Intellectual Properties while also assisting you for Search, Registration, Renewal and Oppositions.
We provide consultancy and help the corporates and Importers to get Trademark Registrations for all the products that are required to have Trademark certifications. We have highly qualified and specialized team having requisite knowledge and experience.
We are one stop service that assist companies to get certified with Trademark in a few easy steps. We make it our mission that the whole process of Trademark certification is completed in a manner that ensures your project is on schedule from beginning to completion.

Our Process:

◇ Help in all matters of search and registration
◇ We help by providing all the assistance for necessary documentation
◇ Thorough knowledge of regulations
◇ Handle any technical queries that may come up.
◇ Complete transparency
◇ Getting the final approval Certificate delivered to you.

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