SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate, which is the unit of measurement for the amount of electromagnetic power absorbed by the body when using a mobile phone. Wireless terminals, such as GSM and GPRS, CDMA, WLAN, Bluetooth and WCDMA terminals, including cell phones emit radio frequency energy.

Most countries have specified SAR levels for safety as radio frequency energy is absorbed by the human body and strong electromagnetic radiation is harmful to health. India has specified the SAR value for mobile devices of less than or equal to 1.6 mW/kg average over 1gm tissue.
It is mandatory for Manufacturers and the importers of mobile handsets provide self?declaration of SAR value.

Some of the products required to have SAR Certification includes:

All fixed, mobile and portable devices:
● GSM 2G and 3G mobile handsets
● CDMA 2G and 3G mobile handsets
in the frequency band of 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz

How may we help you

We provide consultancy and help the corporates and Importers to get SAR Registrations for all the products that are required to have SAR certifications. We have highly qualified and specialized team having requisite knowledge and experience.
We are one stop service that assist companies to get certified with SAR in a few easy steps. We make it our mission that the whole process of SAR certification is completed in a manner that ensures your project is on schedule from beginning to completion.

Our Process:

◇ We help by providing all the assistance for necessary documentation
◇ Help you choose the Sar test laboratory that is best-suited for you.
◇ Assist in getting the test scheduling, coordination and test report delivery from the Lab
◇ Handle any technical queries that may come up.
◇ Getting the final approval Certificate delivered to you.

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